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Writers who have created science fiction that could save the world

I’m at Norwescon, and one of the panels I was on posed the question, “Can science fiction save the world?” Much discussion ensued, most of it excellent. Conclusions: Maybe. It has (think of Orwell, Bradbury, etc). It’s often the stories and books that are written with no agenda to save the world that have an …

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I wanted the implants in “The Matrix”

And while I may not be able to get those, I’m likely to get an implant or implants of some kind before I die.  And that’s not from being an early adopter.  For more about what we are doing today with implants from RFID through silk, take a look at my newest column at Futurismic.

What’s Green, exciting, and then (hopefully) unnoticed?

In science fiction, we’ve long assumed that distance would disappear.  We do it with FTL travel so we can take our characters between planets the way we now travel between cities, we do it with instant communication devices, and we use teleportation.  We wave our science fictional hands at the challenges of communicating over great …

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Reading Recommendation: Anathem (Neal Stephenson)

I just finished Anathem.  It was a marathon read.  I read it across my Kindle (easy on the eyes) and the softback (hard for me; getting old!) and the audio book (awesome.   Well-read and well-produced). I hated it at the beginning.  Slow, ponderous.  But once I got into it, the world is so deep and so …

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Hope to see some of you at the Locus Awards this weekend

I will be at the autographing, and probably staying through the induction of the honorees into the SF Hall of Fame.  There will be a lot of us there – I count at least 16 writers! See you at the Lake Union Courtyard Marriott.


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