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Twitter: A Trail of Transparent Breadcrumbs

I have been thinking about transparency, social media, and government accountability for a while.  At the FiRe conference in San Diego, I ran into fellow sf writer and contrarian, David Brin, who authored  the non-fiction book, The Transparent Society.  This book made a difference in the way I think about government and life, and has …

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The Power of the Net

If you’re not on twitter watching the #iranelection or just searching for “iran” which will catch it all, you’ve missed a worldwide conversation.  A worldwide emotional reaction.   This morning, I feel connected to the people in Iran.  I’m glad they have this tool, which was missing from Tiananmen square.  It may or may not be …

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Attention, Glorious and Critical

We live in an attention economy.  Which really means our attention has scattered.  There is danger here. Advertisers and news sources spend enormous resources to get our attention.  They’re getting better at it, too.  A lot of the ads I see these days are actually things I’m interested in.  Further, constant connection splits our attention.  …

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Twitter: An Explanation

I was helping a friend out with some Twitter questions via email and thought my response to her might actually be useful to others.  So here it is:   First, for 140 characters a shot, Twitter is a big topic.  So I’ll stick to the basics: followers, following, dangers, protocol, and a tool.     Followers: …

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Four Twitter Observations

One:  Twitter is actually a lot of fun.  I suspect this is part of its popularity.  Things to enjoy include putting a whole page worth of data into 140 characters (Haiku for modern times), hearing engaging snips about your friends’ days (and yes, what they had for breakfast is generally noise.  But there are clever fun …

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