Starry heaven

Starry Heaven: Last Full Day

Wow.  All done now except the closing party.  I’d call this a rousing success.  Highlights of the last two days: We attended a great wine social event complete with excellently interesting science people at The Wine Loft last night.  I could have kept talking to them for hours.  Everyone was interesting and erudite. I’m quite […]

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Starry Heaven Day 3: The Phase Shift

Workshops have rhythm.  The rhythm for Starry Heaven starts with critiquing the beginnings of each others’ books.  Beginnings matter – they are what sells manuscripts to agents and publishers, and what initiates readers into the world of the book.  So we have been sitting in a large group sharing impressions of each others beginnings.  Today, we move to a new

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Coming Events

I’ve missed mentioning multiple appearences of me and/or my work: The story, “My Father’s Singularity” is up at Clarkesworld in issue #45.  Note that I share this issue with delightful Nina Kiriki Hoffman and her story is excellent.  Two science fiction stories written by women in one issue, and in what is becoming the premiere

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