The world, for some, has crumbled.

Disease and natural disasters have brought on social collapse in the Pacific Northwest.

For Sage, born and raised in the safe haven of the Oregon Botanical Gardens, that has never been more than academic. What more could she ask for than to be safe and fed?

But life in the Garden is static.

Sage longs to experience the world beyond the Garden walls as society climbs from the chaos. Her reckless exploration forces her elders to give her a choice: Stay here, hidden in safety, or go and never return.

Sage chooses to leave.

Will she learn soon enough on her journey that the world outside the Garden follows no law? That there is no predator more dangerous than man?

Will she learn soon enough that to rebuild the world one must be ready to fight for it?

She will need to if she chooses to live.

A gripping coming-of-age story set a decade-and-a-half after the collapse, POST is a unique post-apocalyptic novel. The world we know isn’t dead: just badly wounded. Into this future come two teenage girls, Sage and Monday, full of dreams and anger, hope and despair, as they visit a futuristic Portland, Oregon, in the hope of finding, and aiding, a recovering future. Surprisingly moving and vividly detailed, this is a post-apocalyptic novel that breaks the mold by using its youthful protagonists to look the devastation and slow recovery in the eye and ask, “Now what?”

—Richard A. Lovett, J.D., Ph.D.