Stories of Fremont’s Children

What Happens When The Universe Is Not Big Enough For Everyone?
Differences define us. They set us at odds with the world.
How we handle such conflicts establishes our character.
For good or ill, Fremont’s Children are full of character. Battling society. Each other. Themselves. Eking out a place to live and be free in peace on unforgiving worlds, among–at times–unforgiving people. And yet Fremont’s Children persist, learning that it isn’t about the conflicts, but about the friends and family that stand at your back.
These stories–written by Brenda Cooper, Danielle Ackley-McPhail, and John A. Pitts–are about the heart of humanity in all its flawed and courageous glory, standing unbowed beneath the stars.
Based on the Fremont’s Children Novel Series, Available from Wordfire Press
The Silver Ship and the Sea
Winner of the 2008 Endeavor Award
Riding the Wind
Wings of Creation
And coming soon…
The Making War