Post #3: A Conversation with “The Road”

This is the third entry in a set of linked posts about my novel POST, which will be out soon from eSpecBooks.  Note – if you get in on the Kickstarter, that will help out greatly.

post-ks-imageWriters often write in conversation with other writers. That’s natural – we read, and what we read moves us, and we write about what moves us.  When I read “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy, I found myself thoroughly depressed. Sure, I was amazed by his wordsmithing – he’s a skilled and evocative writer. I would love to be that good with line by line writing. But the overall story left me deeply hopeless.

“Post” is my response to “The Road.”  It is set in a time when climate change has had an impact, when a society that broke pretty far down is on it’s way back to something better, but when success it remains uncertain. POST is a friendship book, and a book about putting hope inside of a hard world.  And like “The Road,” much of it is about a journey.  About half of it anyway — another part of the conversation is that as a reader, I want to eventually get somewhere.

Post CoverPOST is about a young woman – Sage – who leaves a very safe and antiseptic place (and don’t we all, as we grow up?) and sets out to find an airplane, which to her, is a symbol of hope.  She gathers friends and allies, has adventures, is confused about love and sexuality, gets her first kiss, and sees a great tragedy.  She lives, since I’d like to write more books about her.  It’s YA, but if you like The Silver Ship and the Sea (out again next year!) you’ll like this – there are mature themes, real dangers, but nothing your 10-year-old couldn’t read, or that you might not enjoy.  This of it as 9 to 90 writing.

I hope you’ll consider picking it up via the Kickstarter, and that you’ll enjoy it if you do.  It was fun to write.

A few more posts about POST are likely to show up…..


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