In Which the Sf Signal Mind Meld Talks About First SF Reads

I got to participate again.  I really like these – both doing my little snippets for them, and seeing what we all come out with on the end.  Of note this time:  Many of us started with Heinlein.  There is also a Facebook thread on this based on a  tweet I  made at 2:00 AM (do people ever sleep?) and that thread follows the same pattern – a lot of Heinlein-era writers.  I guess this group is mostly my age.  🙂

Another commonality to note is that these are almost all adventure stories.  I think teenagers everywhere yearn for good adventure (and we want it later in life too – I still like to read a good tale of adventure).

Drop by the Mind Meld at SF Signal if you have time.

2 thoughts on “In Which the Sf Signal Mind Meld Talks About First SF Reads”

  1. My first exposure to solo reading novels for fun was “Orphans of the Sky” by Heinlein when I was in 3rd grade, in 1973, while the Apollo Missions were still ongoing and an interest of mine. His books, and later those by Clarke and Asimov began the foundation of my fiction reading. They were also the beginning of my love for sharing books with friends.

  2. Yep – those are some of my favorite writers, too. What lovely brilliant books those were for our young minds to find. I hope this generations i finding things they will remember as fondly.

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