Me on Video, then in Portland

Now that I’m back from the Rainforest Writers retreat, I have two more “shows” in the next two days: Tomorrow I’ll be doing a video with Glen Hiemstra and a few other folks, which will how up on my website soon.  Think of it as futurist speaking marketing, I guess.  People keep saying they don’t …

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Appearance at Seattle Barnes and Noble in Honor of Louis Braille Tomorrow

 Saturday, January 3rd 12:00 pm  Jake and the Secret Code 1:00  Beedle Bard Story time 2:00  Author Signings Brenda Cooper, Amber Kizer, Louise Marley  Sunday, January 4th 2:00pm Happy Birthday Louis Braille ~ Braille ~ Life, Literacy & Learning 3:00 pm  Author Signings Kat Richardson ~ Larry Karp      Hosted by: Barnes and Noble …

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On Terrorism

I’m not very happy to be addressing Terrorism on Thanksgiving.  But I spent part of yesterday near the Internet and TV, watching the horrible events in Mumbai.   I’d like to reflect a little on the way the Clinton administration handled terrorism vs. the way we’ve handled it under Bush.  What I’ve got to say is …

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Sci-fi Favorites at the Symphony

Toni and I went out to the Seattle Symphony last night. They played “sci-fi favorites” with a laser show — I highly recommend it! Its pretty easy to forget that a lot of our science fiction moveis really have fabulous scores.

Google’s Winning Moon Madness

The space enthusiast in me is really pleased with Google this week, as they’ve announced a prize for getting commercial craft developed to land on the moon. In this case, read that as real people instead of big government. They also picked a nice spot — the moon is close enough. They’re suggesting unmanned craft, …

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Back from Hawaii

I can’t decide if it’s a writer’s paradise or not. I think I’d get bored if I lived there; we were getting bored after a week and a half. Although I must say that to a girl that grew up in California, a warm ocean was pretty close to the best thing in the world. …

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