Silver Ship and the Sea

The Page 99 Test

The Page 99 test suggests that if you open a book there and read, you get a good sense for the quality of the whole book. I got asked to do a blog entry for The Page 99 Test about The Silver Ship and the Sea. It was actually kind of fun to look and …

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That post-book thing….

Put the second draft of MAYAN DECEMBER in the mail yesterday. The first draft wrote itself, but the second one took a while. I’ve been out and about doing readings for THE SILVER SHIP AND THE SEA. Well, when you read your prose out loud, it sounds different than it does than when you read …

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Interview Posted

Blogger Naina from India both recommended The Silver Ship and the Sea, and also did an email interview with me which is posted on the web. I really love this small world, and I love the idea that someone from India might like my work and want to talk to me about it, and that …

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Starred Review for Silver Ship and the Sea from Booklist

My agent sent me a very nice review from Booklist. Helps balance the less happy Publisher’s Weekly review. From the Booklist review, by Sally Estes — “ exciting coming-of-age story with a strong message about the evils of prejudice. ”

Finishing up Draft 1

I’m on the last run through of what I’ll call the final first draft of MAYAN DECEMBER, which is a different book entirely than the SF books I have out. I can tell I’m really focused on this: I just realized over dinner that I was in our local Borders books, and didn’t even go …

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